Jack A. Allweiss

Engineering, Business, Education, Volunteering and Charity

The Burroughs B5900

My name is Jack A. Allweiss, also known as “The Father of the B5900 System”. I did not give myself that title, my friends and co-workers at Burroughs Corporation did, and I consider it a great honor.

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After my first semester at MIT I was ready to start on my major area of study. In my signal processing class I had met a professor named Jon Allen, who was a leader in speech processing.

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Engineering Career

I passed the FCC First Class Radiotelephone Operators License exam when I was 16, allowing me to work as a broadcast engineer at WJLB AM/WMZK FM radio, and WJBK-TV in Detroit.

When I attended Wayne State University, I worked as a summer intern at Sinai Hospital and developed the first computerized scintillation counter analysis software.

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Business Career

I started my work career with my father and uncle, working for them at their auto service shop.

My first job outside my family business was for WJLB Radio. I worked in radio and television, for four years, from 16 years old until I was 20.

I worked for Burroughs from 1976 to 1981 and founded Future Domain Corp in 1983.

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After the sale of Future Domain in 1995 I chaired the Technology Committee for Mission Viejo High School. I helped develop three programs. Information Literacy Program (ILP) was designed to leverage computing power students had at home, supplemented with school library resources.

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I was a volunteer for Boy Scouts of America for eleven years. I was High Adventure Chairman of Troop 603 and 634 in Mission Viejo and Lake Forest CA. I planned and took part in many backpack and off-road trips all over California including the Sierras, Catalina Island, the California desert, and the Colorado river.

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