When I first began family research on the various Allweiss branches, I was provided with a sheet by various cousins who assured me that the Allweiss descendants were indeed from rabbinic lineage.  Over the years I have received e-mails complaining when I added the rabbinic lines onto the www.hoaroots.org website.  “Where’s the proof?”  They would write.

The following is a list showing the generations of rabbinic lines, starting with the oldest that I worked from:  (NOTE:  This list was provided to me by U.S. Allweiss cousins, as well as U.K. cousins when I was in England and Scotland a few years ago).

1)  Reb Shmelka of Torna Ish Horowitz    m.   Daughter of Reb Moishe Dayan of Crakow

2)  Reb Meyer H’Maran of Tiktin    m.   Daughter of Reb Menachem Manis Katz

3)  Reb Yaacok Yoikel of Glinna   m.   Bayla, Daughter of Reb Yitchok Babad

4)  Reb Itzikel Ish Horowitz of Hamburg   m.   Daughter of Reb Itzikel Ish Horowitz

5)  Reb Menacham Mendel Ruben of Liska (Died 22 Tishri 5587)  m.   Daughter of Reb Itzikel Ish Horowitz 

6)  Reb Naftoli Zvi Horowitz of Ropshitz (6 Sivan 5520 – 11 Iyar 5587)  m.  Daughter of Reb Zvi Goldhammer of Dikla

7)  Reb Elezer of Dzikov (Died 13 Cheshvan 5621)  m.  Daughter of Reb Yechiel Eichel Graff

8)  Reb Yisroel of Barnov (Born 1814)  m.   Daughter of Reb Avrom Chaim of Linsk

9)  Elezer Shendlinger of Galitsia   m.  Dobra Bayla

10)  Avrom Yakov Allweis (Born 11 Nov 1856, Siedlanka, Galicia, Austria – Died 11 Jun 1942, Jerusalem, buried on Mount of Olives, Jerusalem)   m.  Etta Wadler (Born in Galicia about 1859, Died in Manchester, England, 25 Nov 1928)

I have researched these names in two books that document the rabbinic lineage in Europe.  The first is “The Unbroken Chain, Volume 1 and 2 by Neil Rosenstein.  This book provides “Biographical Sketches and Genealogy of Illustrious Jewish Families from the 15th-20th Century”.   On page 1016 of Volume 2 is the beginning of the Ropshitz (Ropczyce) Dynasty of the Horowitz Family.  According to this lineage, Reb Naftoli Zvi Horowitz’s youngest son, Reb Eliezer Horowitz became Admur of Dzikov in 1848, and he died in 1860.  He married the daughter of Reb Jchiel Michel Rosenfeld of Rava-Ruska.  After this there is no reference to Reb Yisroel of Barnov, or Elezer Shendlinger. 

In the book, “Latter Day Leaders, Sages, and Scholars”, by Emanuel and Neil Rosenstein, I could not locate any data that could verify a rabbinic line.  I have also researched at numerous websites for a possible connection.  To date I have been unable to find a link.  This does not mean that it isn’t true, but without DNA or verifiable documentation, the reality of a rabbinic line is highly questionable.  As a result I have taken off the rabbinic link and the oldest “Allweiss” connection would be Eliezer Shendlinger, father of Avrom Yakov Allweis  (Alweiss being his mother’s maiden name). 

I welcome any additional research or discussion that can shed additional light.